Unofficial results of the May 8, 2018 election

     check_green Denotes winner

Lucas County

County Commissioner
check_green Gary L. Byers10908
Michael B. Hood7397
Precincts reporting100.00%
Toledo City Council (6th District)
David Ball726
check_green Chris Delaney1410
Jim Nowak968
Alex Rivera388
Precincts reporting100.00%
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (General Trial Division)
check_green Stacy L. Cook15,510
Joanne E. Horen4291
Precincts reporting100.00%
County Treasurer
check_green Lori Brodie6,838
Brent McCormack6147
Precincts reporting100.00%

State Races

Issue 1, create a bipartisan, public process for drawing Congressional districts
check_green FOR1,165,409
100% precincts reporting
Democratic primary for governor
check_green Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton423,264
Larry E. Ealy and Jeffrey Lynn6,896
Dennis John Kucinich and Tara L. Samples155,694
Bill O'Neill and Chantelle C. Lewis22,196
Paul E. Ray and Jerry M. Schroeder9,373
Joe Schiavoni and Stephanie Dodd62,315
100% precincts reporting
Republican primary for governor
check_greenMike DeWine and Jon Husted494,766
Mary Taylor and Nathan D. Estruth332,275
100% precincts reporting
Republican primary for state treasurer
Sandra O'Brien301,652
check_green Robert Sprague408,487
100% precincts reporting
U.S. Senate Republican primary
Melissa Ackison99,454
Don Elijah Eckhart29,446
Mike Gibbons241,109
Dan Kiley30,323
check_green Jim Renacci360,474
100% precincts reporting
5th Congressional District Democratic primary
check_green J. Michael Galbraith19,105
James Neu, Jr.6,976
100% precincts reporting
5th Congressional District Republican primary
Robert Kreienkamp5,861
check_green Bob Latta45,453
Todd Wolfrum10,311
100% precincts reporting
9th Congressional District Democratic primary
Joshua M. Garcia6,916
check_green Marcy Kaptur41,093
100% precincts reporting
9th Congressional District Republican primary
Keith Colton6,197
W. Benjamin Franklin4,303
check_green Steven W. Kraus10,284
100% precincts reporting
44th state House District Democratic primary
check_green Paula Hicks-Hudson5,544
Robert Worthington1102
100% precincts reporting
47th state House District Republican primary
check_green Derek Merrin5,384
Barbara Lang2,953
100% precincts reporting
81st state House District Republican Primary
check_green James Hoops7,242
Thomas Liebrecht3,805
100% precincts reporting
11th state Senate District Democratic primary
Michael Ashford7,680
check_green Teresa Fedor9,769
100% precincts reporting

Area Races

Proposed Maumee City School District tax levy
check_green FOR1801
Precincts reporting100.00%
Providence Township tax levy renewal
check_green YES435
Precincts reporting100.00%
Bowling Green schools seeks approval of a 5.7-mill levy that will run for 37 years and pay about $72 million for the overhaul of its buildings.
check_green AGAINST4219
Precincts reporting100.00%
The Eastwood school district seeks a 2-mill, five-year replacement levy.
check_green FOR891
Precincts reporting100.00%
The Patrick Henry school district seeks renewal of a 4.2-mill, three-year levy.
check_green AGAINST529
Precincts reporting100.00%
The Gibsonburg school district seeks a 1 percent, five-year income tax.
check_green FOR
Precincts reporting100.00%
The Fremont school district seeks a five-year, 1.25 percent income tax renewal.
check_green FOR2,959
Precincts reporting100.00%
The Benton-Carroll-Salem school district seeks approval of a 1 percent, five-year income tax.
check_green AGAINST1653
Precincts reporting100%
The Benton-Carroll-Salem school district seeks approval of a 3.89-mill, five-year property tax.
check_green FOR1676
Precincts reporting100%
The Evergreen Community Library seeks approval of a 0.4-mill, five-year levy from Fulton County residents in the Evergreen school district.
check_green FOR666
Precincts reporting100 %
Perrysburg seeks renewal of a 0.8-mill, five-year levy for public transportation services.
check_green FOR2758
Precincts reporting100.00%
Genoa seeks approval of a 2-mill, five-year levy in to pay for police services.
check_green AGAINST204
Precincts reporting100.00%
Sandusky County Commission Republican primary
Charles Schwochow2,261
check_green Russ Zimmerman3,806
Precincts reporting100.00%
Ottawa County Commission Republican primary
Carolyn Adams1,132
check_green Donald A. Douglas2,423
Precincts reporting100.00%
Carroll Township seeks approval of a 2-mill, five-year levy that would raise $373,000 a year to help maintain police services.
check_green FOR
Precincts reporting100.00%
Proposed 6.5-mill, five-year tax levy for the South East Ambulance District in Wood County.
check_green FOR366
Precincts reporting100.00%
Wood County Park District 1-mill, 10-year renewal for operations.
check_green FOR
Precincts reporting100.00%

Woodmore School District's 3-mill, 5-year renewal for permanent improvements.
check_green FOR932
Precincts reporting100.00%

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